Tips Or Renting A Roll Off Dumpster

7 July 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

A roll off dumpster can be a convenient way of disposing of large amounts of trash and debris from a variety of projects. While a roll off dumpster may greatly improve your ability to dispose of trash, you will need to be using a few key tips if you are to prevent the dumpster from experiencing problems that could delay or otherwise impede your project.

Secure The Roll Off Dumpster

One of the first things you should do when it comes to your rented dumpster is to ensure that it is as secure as possible. Individuals that pass by the dumpster can be tempted to deposit trash in it, which could cause it to fill more quickly. Another issue that can arise with an unsecured dumpster is that it may start to become a target for animals that are looking for food, nesting supplies or shelter. Ideally, you should secure the dumpster by locking its opening and putting a small gate around it. Depending on the configuration of the wheels, it can be possible for these dumpsters to come loose and roll away in an uncontrolled fashion. As a result, you should ensure the wheels are locked and secured with wheel blocks every day.

Obtain A Permit If You Will Place The Dumpster On The Street

A roll off dumpster can be a rather large piece of equipment, and there is a chance that smaller project sites may not be able to adequately accommodate these dumpsters. In these situations, you will find it is necessary to put the dumpster on the street. While this is usually allowed by most local governments, it will require a permit for you to legally leave the dumpster in the street. Buying a permit for placing a dumpster on the street will require you to review the applicable safety regulations while also completing the permitting paperwork and paying a fee.

Arrange For The Dumpster To Be Emptied On A Regular Basis

If you have limited experience with these types of major projects, you can find that you are not a strong judge of when a dumpster should be emptied. While it may seem as though you should wait to do this until it is full, this can lead to delays for your project as you may have to wait up to a day for the dumpster to be emptied. You can help to avoid these issues through arranging for the dumpster to be automatically emptied every few days. There will be fees associated with these pickups, but avoiding garbage being backed up on your project site can be invaluable for help you to stay on schedule for completing the work.

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