Questions And Answers About Solar Panel Installation

18 July 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

The move toward home solar panels for your home is an excellent one. You will pay far less for the energy your home consumes, and have a steady power supply as well. As you consider this option, you undoubtedly have some questions, and those answers follow.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

That all depends on the size of your home and your average energy consumption. For example, if you have a home that is fifteen hundred square feet or less, you may only need one panel that is about three or feet long and three or four feet wide. If you have a small house like this, but your power demands are above average, you may need a couple of small panels or a much larger panel.

Do You Have to Mount the Panels to the Roof?

No, you do not have to mount the solar panels to your roof. You can set them up on posts in your yard, but they have to be in an area where the sun hits all day long. The only reason solar panels are frequently installed on the roof is so that they can easily face the sun and not be shadowed by trees or hit accidentally by cars. When the panels are mounted to the roof, the energy collected travels directly from the roof to your solar conversion box, too.

Can Dirt and Debris Interfere with Power Collection?

It can, but you would have to cover the panels completely. As long as there is one reasonably clean spot on the panel(s), you can still collect energy. Still, it does help if you can send a technician out or up to your panel(s) to have them cleaned. Clean panels provide maximum efficiency.

Can Lightning Damage the Panels?

Not usually. The panels are glass, with special wire connections that do not attract electricity from lightning storms. If anything, panels are more easily destroyed indirectly by large trees falling on the panels when large trees are cut down by bolts of lightning.

What about Hurricanes and Tornados?

It goes without saying that if a hurricane or tornado is powerful enough to damage your home, it can and will wreck your solar panels. There may be a way to protect your panels from the debris flying around in these storms. Ask your solar panel installation expert for accessories that can help protect your panels in a powerful storm.