4 Accessories Every New Boat Owner Should Invest In For Optimal Convenience

27 July 2017
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As a new boat owner, you're likely eager to get out and explore the lake or ocean waterways that you've been admiring. But before setting sail, consider investing in the following accessories to ensure optimal safety and convenience during your adventures:

A Solar Kit

One of the most important accessories a boat owner can invest in is a marine solar kit for their rig. These systems typically include at least one solar panel, an inverter, a charge controller, and a deep cycle battery that stores the power that the system captures. Marine solar panels can be attached to the roof or platform of a boat and the rest of the system's components can be stored in a cabinet or under the front deck. When you need to charge your phone up, make a cup of coffee, work on a computer, or bring a water GPS system to life, your marine solar kit will ensure that you've always got the power to do it.

A Mini Fridge

After installing a marine solar kit on your boat, consider investing in a mini fridge that the solar system can power. This will enable you to keep everything from milk and eggs to leftover pasta from home cold so it can be safely enjoyed while out on the water. If the marine solar kit you buy isn't big enough to power a mini fridge, you can utilize an electric cooler instead. These coolers are designed to draw very little power while plugged in, but will help keep your food cold without the need for ice.

Marker Bouys

You should also consider buying a set of marker buoys to keep on board your new boat, as they'll help you keep track of where you have been when in a lake or ocean. With your buoys in place, you won't end up backtracking while you fish or explore a waterway that you've never been to before. Your buoys will help you better get to know the areas you explore, and keep you from getting lost – especially at night.

A Life Boat

While most people ensure that life jackets are always on board their boats so the safety of their passengers isn't compromised, many folks tend to overlook the importance of also having some kind of life boat on board too. If heavy rains or storms develop while you're on the water and something goes wrong with your boat, passengers will have a better chance of surviving and getting to shore in a life boat than if they were left to fend for themselves in just a life jacket. If possible, keep a blow up life boat and an automatic air pump on board your new boat to ensure optimal safety for anyone on board.

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